Greetings. Welcome to my world. 


I create...

Things like music....

Things like films....

Sometimes I paint or take photographs of interesting places, people and things.

I have coached, counseled and mentored high vibe and big hearted entrepreneurs about how best to express their beautiful service to the world. I have helped people confront their darkest shadows and open up realms of the infinite through sound, plant medicine and meditation. 

But my canvas is expanding. And I have my eyes on creating a template for decentralized sovereign communities. 

Communities that support the best that humans are capable of on a fundamental and foundational level. I believe, and it seems that research support this, that humans...given an optimized environment can enjoy the kind of life that most have forgotten was possible. But this is not simply about the individual. It is the reality that a happy person is a helpful person. And a person who feels resourced within themselves IS a resource for others.

This concept is one that combines healthy individual development and growth with service towards to greater family of people living within each community. Not bound by blood so much as by their commitment to the best in themselves and their fellow human. And this is supported by living systems that align themselves with natural law and biocentric economies. 

Old systems are dying. It's time for new ones. And if WE don't make our future others are waiting to make it for us. 

This vision is called ACSLA (Akasha Communities and School for Living Arts) and great things are in store.
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