I'm a multi-disciplinary artist, spiritual counselor, sound healer & creativity coach.

My calling and passion is helping people GET FREE!

I combine the insight of over 20 years of creative work and sound exploration with a deep integration of the many great wisdom teachings practiced throughout the world in order to help you, "know thyself". That means cutting through what isn't eternally true and getting to the root of our IS-ness. 

Through the use of powerful sound frequencies, creative expression and guided teachings, you'll learn to let go of old patterns and beliefs that keep you from experiencing true peace, enjoying a liberated imagination, which enables you to actually envision what is possible for your life and develop your unique connection to source in a direct way that releases the fear, anxiety, guilt and shame that often keep you feeling trapped.

GLOBAL transformation is possible. But... it begins with personal spiritual integration, creative expression and healing as well as the surrender of one's old emotional wounds and traumas. 

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