I offer several options by way of sound healing, breath work or "Pranayam", spiritual counseling and guided plant medicine journeys. Currently I offer these in person in your space. This can be a quiet, distraction free, open area of any kind with enough room for me to set up and for you to lay down. I can accommodate  an outside experience is well that is carefully chosen for quiet, solitude and lack of distractions by way of other critters, other people or extreme temperatures that may be distracting to your experience. 

Though there are many virtual options for simply "listening" to Gong, Bowls, Chants and the like, BUT....the very real power and effectiveness of this experience is LIVE AND IN PERSON.

Our whole body is involved when this process takes place in the REAL and EXPERIENTIAL world and this is KEY to it's potency. You can certainly gain benefit from simply listening to recordings of these sounds but they are not tailored, guided or fully integrated because they are not LIVE. They are the past captured and compressed into a storage medium which is akin to diluting a powerful medicine. 

Learn more about the Science of Sound Healing HERE.

Sound Healing can help with the following:

√Sleep disorders 
√Stress and stress-related issues such as PTSD and depression 
√Pain management

The Gong- 

The sounds from Gongs are both meditative and mysterious. Widely used in meditation and sound therapy/healing sessions the gong offers a direct path inward. By using different mallets and pressures I can create a wide array of sounds  that has been known to create a deep sense of surrender, peace, expansion and even give some people visions.  

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Crystal Singing Bowls-  

I use the bowls in a number of ways. I can use them to align your energy centers (symbolically known in the Yogic tradition as Chakras). Or you can opt for a guided session in which I intuitively listen to spirit and play in accordance with their direction. These are 7 bowls tuned in a scale of notes. They each posses specific frequencies that may affect you in subtle and often not so subtle ways. Everyone responds in their own unique way. 

Shamanic Drumming- 

Aside from the human voice, the shamanic drum is one of the most ancient instruments in human history. It is a powerful force for bringing one into focus within themselves, clearing away the noise of the mind and helping you reconnect with source. 



Working with the throat chakra or voice activation has proven very powerful for people. As a singer on stage since I was 15 working with my voice helped me in many ways conquer fears or public speaking, asking for what I want/need and better over all communication with others. Research shows that chanting can stabilize heart rate, lower blood pressure, improve circulation, produce endorphins and aid the process of metabolism. When we work with chanting or mantra it allows us the work to become integrated physically instead of something we need to think about.  It is another powerful tool for focusing the mind and activating the body. It helps us to (among other things) finding our "voice" in the world. But it, like the drum, also helps clear a direct path. I will often, as guided, bring in a mantra or chant in along with the bowls or drum so the combination of the techniques happens regularly. If you feel called you are welcome to join in the mantra. If you'd like to focus specifically on the voice we can work the session that way as well. 

Pranayama-Breath work

Life begins with the breath. If we can learn to become more masterful at regulating our breathe that naturally creates a ripple effect through the rest of our lives. It helps our ability to focus and stay calm in stressful situations. You'll enjoy better sleep. experience more patience. My Hatha and Tantra yoga training in India and Thailand as well as my years of Kundalini Yoga experience has enabled me to guide clients into deep states of meditation and enjoy the benefits listed above by exploring a wide variety of Pranayama practices handed down through centuries.  This work is woven into all of the other work we do. Learn more

 Guided Plant Medicine Work-

Each teacher plant contains within it's DNA billions of years of what could be perceived as "knowledge". They have their own personality, their own way in. But one must also be discerning with said teachers, they are not "source" but a potential ally in your journey of healing and ultimate awakening. Learn how these powerful teacher plants  are being used clinically here

Inquire directly for more information about this type of work and put "MEDICINE WORK" in the "Subject" line:


Spiritual Counseling -Can be done virtually

In this arena I have worked with clients on relationship issues, personal self worth, fear/anxiety, emotional abuse, health, life transitions and spiritual awakening. These can be a stand alone sessions but I have found that it's better in combination with one or more of the sound healing modalities I offer as it is often the case that the sonic experience will help bypass the overtly cognitive aspects of the mind and giving the subconscious mind a more direct voice. These are often the underlying issues that are at the root of one's struggle and need to be processed through.

Consider the sonic component as a sort or warm up or to use a farming metaphor it,  "prepares the soil for planting new seeds".  As you drop deeper into the sound experience you'll likely have all kinds of images, feelings, bodily sensations and memories arise in your awareness. Allow them to come and go, no need to hold onto them. They are like clouds in the sky, perceived as familiar shapes and then dissolving once again. These sessions are $140 for an hour session



Resolve grief and the pain of loss 

Heal and integrate traumatic experiences

Gain clarity of purpose

Explore life challenges in a more objective and integrated way

Discern between the 3 fundamental "Truths" of life


You can opt and/or experiment with one approach or combine them in various ways to experience what brings you into communion with "source" in the most direct and efficient way. An example would be Gong AND Bowls with Post experience counseling.



Per 1 hour of experience. This breaks down as  45 minutes of Bowls/Gong/Drum/Voice/Counseling and 15 minutes of meditation. If you have financial challenges and feel a definitive NEED of this type of work I can work with you on a sliding scale as well as am open to barter for specific things. For such cases please email me directly and put "SLIDING SCALE SOUND HEALING" in the "Subject"  HERE.

IN YOUR HOME: $200  

*within the greater Austin area. 

†For those of you who are abundant in resources you can also choose the monthly "TUNE UP" program. That gives you one session a week for a month for only $650. That's $150 a session in the comfort of YOUR home or $300 at my facilitation space

Again, feel free to email me directly here for clarification or to create a custom session. 

NOTE: These are IN PERSON session. Thus the price per session. Sound is a physical and multi-dimensional phenomena. The power lies in direct interaction with it in as much as possible. I guarantee the experience of resonating in the direct presence of these instruments will be FAR GREATER than that done "virtually" through some device. Your whole body is directly impacted by the waves created during our session. Nothing is lost to "technology". 

All prices are quoted within the Austin proper area. Areas beyond will be charged based upon destination. Please reach out with any questions. I am highly malleable and will do my best to accommodate variations in the offerings above. It has taken me a long time to get here but I am at last bringing together all that spirit has given me as an offering to you and I look forward to helping you along your journey. 

Remember, "Seek for simplicity, for in simplicity we create space for self reflection. And within self reflection we create the opportunity for actual transformation."  It's no accident that those spiritual guides we respect the most create for themselves lives, in as much as possible, devoid of the chaos and confusion that is the standard of our modern age.

Environment, both interior and exterior, matter!

Be mindful and care for them both and you'll experience a renaissance within yourself.  

Book your session below or email me for a complimentary call to learn more.