Projects in development

Welcome to the "Projects in development" section. I put this up with the intent of stimulating your creative juices and potentially attract people who may have similar ideas to join me in creating amazing expressions of creativity, community, self exploration and service to others. Below you'll find a list of projects and ideas for projects. All have their own requirements for expertise and execution. Some are in progress and some are only a dream at this point in time. But to consciously create and make manifest our ideas we must first put them into the world by way of expression. Thoughts...words...actions bring a dream to life. If any of these projects call to you and you'd like to co-create, collaborate and make something splendid, please reach out. 

Akasha Communities and School of Living Arts

Educating and supporting the reality architects of the future

Kurt Vonnegut Jr. wrote, “a sane person to an insane society must appear insane”.

Personally I have questioned the fundamental nature of many of the systems and institutions we humans have created and continue to engage in to our individual and collective detriment.

ACSLA is designed to be an antidote to this. It is a vision collated from decades of experiences and research regarding conscious and intentional communities and civilizations of the past... and present.

It is a community and school that is designed to optimize for the best of the human condition. It creates that works on overt and subtle energetic levels to optimize for well-being, happiness, collaboration and co-operation. It's a space where the body, mind and spirit can rest and regenerate.

Not just in some weekend "retreat", though these would be available as well. But as a "lifestyle". So that those involved can focus on more important social and communal and culturally significant and redefining work.

ACSLA seeks for simplicity which allows for self reflection. Self reflections is the doorway to personal transformation and it is THIS inner transformation happening person by person that can turn the trickle of a stream into a raging torrent.

Of course, humans are humans and the idea of a "Perfect Utopia" will always be arms length away. But I can tell you from first hand experience that communities that enjoy a level of joy, expression, health and wellbeing far beyond what is experienced within the gilded cage the majority operate within, exists!

And their numbers are growing as people see the ever increasing inequality, mental health issues, toxicity in the food, air and water and devaluation of their efforts go unchecked.

In the 1800s they had a wasting disease called "consumption" which was generally connected with tuberculosis. Though I suspect they probably labeled many cancers with the same title. Isn't it interesting then how parallel this disease to our current "consumer" economy. Focused as it is on planned obsolescence and manufacturing desires and dependency on what is more often wholly unnecessary to our genuine sense of well-bing and fulfillment.    

The fundamental basis of ACSLA is that all manner of creature, humans not withstanding, either thrive or decline in any given environment. And that the forces of our environment are at work either supporting our efforts or hindering them at all times. 

Sadly, unbeknownst to many of us, we have allowed ourselves to be corralled into environments that do not even support us on some very basic levels.

So basic in fact that most people are barely aware of how much of a toll it takes upon their mental, physical and spiritual health until, of course, a crisis (mental, existential or health wise) arises.

And MANY institutions have arisen to deal with this crisis.

But what if we began our work upstream?

What if we started with optimized environments for ourselves and our children.

What if we took the obstacles that we've even ceased to recognize AS obstacles out of our path.

What could we create then? 

What if we created a place that not only allowed for but encouraged us to attune to our highest nature? To align in our relationship to self and to other within the framework of values that nurtured, collaboration, conscious communication, creativity, curiosity.

Imagine a place that on a fundamental level offered the that feeling of safety required to meet your biological needs while challenging you on a psycho-spiritual level to push beyond your imagined limitations in a supportive and encouraging way.

What could you create?

Who could you become?

How could you serve others?

On a practical level (the elevator pitch) ACSLA is an intentional community that is self sustaining economically and energetically. Ideally a zero waste community that is energy positive. Meaning, it produces a surplus of energy, food, etc that is can then share with other communities. 

Is is a place for living, learning, playing, healing, creating and developing the powerful visionaries and activators of the future.   

There's so much more to say on this but who likes to read anymore...:)

If this project interests you, please contact via email.

You can also go to our FB group and join in the conversation here 

The Wisdom Distillery

This was a podcast that I had running briefly before my life got turned upside down during a relationship transition.

I love the medium and would definitely love to do more but am wondering if I should re-brand it so it's more aligned with the healing and catharsis through creativity mission. Thoughts?

I'll have the old episodes back up and available here for your enjoyment soon. 



Have you ever heard those words? Honestly, creativity is never something I've struggled with. In fact it's been my biggest asset in life. It has helped me to achieve and experience things many only dream of, thinking that if they could just get enough money, they could do "the thing".

But as an creative kid growing up with economic scarcity, I learned to engage my creativity and resourcefulness to get what I desired. Which was mostly experiential. 

I am writing this for those who want to explore, to heal, to play and to connect. Who want to manifest a creative project that somehow they've never really believed they could or have yet to take action on. Among other things, this is what a lifetime of working within the arts has offered me. That is, the ability to see possibility where others only see an obstacle.

My goal is to make it entertaining as well as a functional resource for readers to go back to and reconnect with throughout their creative journey. 

This will be a great resource for those who've not imagined themselves as creative, those who would like to explore their creativity foremost for therapeutic value and secondarily, but also importantly, for entertainment and professional purposes.


Actionable practices,

Creativity exercises,

Stories from personal experience

Interviews with creative professionals, including an; 



Dance choreographer


Graphic designer

Multi-media artist


Filmmaker and more. 

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The WOO peddler

May the Woo be with you

This is a fun little t-shirt brand I'm working on. As the copy on the right states, it's a way to reclaim and embrace the mystery, an invitation to reconsider this fallacy that somehow the 3 pounds of grey fat between our ears is the ultimate discerning force in what is "true" and what is WOO.

Don't get me wrong, people who are willfully being deceptive and attempting to baffle with bullshit for nefarious purposes (mostly economic in nature) should be called out.

But then again, that could absolutely be applied to the often malevolent big pharma companies who have a history of hiding results that don't support their agenda and manipulating "science" to fit their predatory and dependency based economic model.

These shirts are sure to provoke all kinds of fun reactions from the unimaginative and those lacking a sense of humor. 

If you would like to purchase one please email me at jonprophetmusic at g mail and put in the header, "I'm a WOO PEDDLER!"