The Reality Experiment


I've made my life goal the pursuit of...

√ Creativity, personal growth, health and self development. For you, for me, for everyone!

That can come in numerous ways. I happen to work with people through music, art, writing, painting, film, dance, photography, holistic health and wellbeing, nature and a deeper connection to the earth, plant medicine, yoga and meditation, a little biohacking here and there, spiritual inquiry and deep internal work as well as developing conscious, regenerative and restorative community.

√ Honest, authentic and open connections with others

The more people “identify” with some temporary thing as who they ultimately are the more they feel the need to defend that fortress of “identity”. Of course we need a sense of identity to actually function in this world, overly identifying with that which is doomed to dust only causes us to miss the important ways we align in this incarnation. It stops solutions from happening. It kills transcendent creativity and it keeps us chained within walls we’ve created or allowed to be created by others and obliged.

√ Adventure, Exploration, Travel.

I’m just that kind of personality. I have a high tolerance for risk, I love the novel and am curious about nearly everything. Which is both blessing and curse sometimes. But I love to lose myself in the other people’s reality. I love the challenge of moving to some place I’ve never been and adapting myself to my new environment. It’s an opportunity to re-invent yourself and ask valid questions about what we presuppose is “just how things are” when clearly they may not be anywhere near what we’re accustomed to in our new environment. It’s like a form of dimensional jumping or time travel sometimes.

So who am I? You can read more here. 

So, if you’re looking for a more transformative, fun, playful, heart centered and exhilarating way to deal with the mayhem of the modern world I'd love to be your guide. Go ahead click the link below and tell me about your dreams, your goals and the splendor you could create in your life.  Let's see if we can get you achieving those beautiful visions before your clock runs out.