Who is Jon Prophet


Basically I consider my a multi-disciplinary artist. I’ve performed on stage since I was 15 conquering my fear of being in the spot light early on. I continued on the stage for many years playing hundreds of shows to thousands of people in various part of the country either as musician or public speaker. I feel deeply that creativity, sustainability and longevity are the key to our thriving as a species into the future. My writing has been published in both on and offline publications, I’ve put out several albums of original music and worked on numerous films/tv/web projects (under the name Jon Hamlin) including having directed several short films along with being an award winning photographer. 

Over my many years I’ve been fascinated with the development of the human mind and all the psycho-spiritual aspects that affect it’s evolution for better or worse. Throughout my years I’ve been professionally involved in numerous forms of creative expression but what I’ve come to realize is that I’m much more interested in the value inherent in the cathartic process of “creation” more than I am the output. I ran a travel blog for many years and during that time living abroad and traveling I went to India and Thailand to get my teachers training in Hatha and Tantra Yoga. But the love of Yoga began decades before when I was introduced to Kundalini Yoga. It was then I discovered the power of these practices. I was also introduced to a a much more conscious way of eating and food production. Which ultimately took me to Costa Rica to study permaculture.  Being raised in the White Mountains of Arizona also connected me deeply with nature and the native American traditions of the Dene or Hopi and Navajo peoples. Years later I began to explore psychedelics as a means of growth and healing of trauma. 

I continuing to synthesize this hodge lodge of knowledge and experience into healing and personal growth modalities and practices that in my experience and those I have worked with seem to get past the layers of narrative and mental constructs to the soul and soma of our experience. That is, to the root of our individual and collective trauma. I’m passionate about utilizing these diverse array of creative talents, my capacity for deep listening and highly developed sense of awareness and abstract thinking to help serve those who are ready to grow beyond the safe and secure narratives about themselves to see what else is possible for their life.

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