Wayfinder Adventure Weekend

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Samadhi Retreat Center, 1830 Camino Alto , San Marcos

Ticket info coming soon.

Wayfinder Adventure Weekend is not a “retreat” but an “advance”!
An advance in the ongoing challenges to your sovereignty. A challenge that is as much internal as it is external.

This an opportunity, a call to adventure, a chance to reclaim your sovereignty and learn how to live/work/love/evolve outside of the “virtual” and literal cages that have been and continue to be constructed for the human mind, body and spirit.

To be successful in this quest is to embrace your shadow fully. To dance with your darkness… because your enemy knows all your vulnerabilities. And they will use them against you if have not integrated these aspects.

Now is the time to reclaim your full multi-dimensional “self”. Be the conscious co-creator and architect of your own story. To tap into the personal power that is available to you at all times once you understand it’s nature.

Re-discover your innate and fully integrated non-dual nature.

Gift yourself this powerful opportunity to do the important work in a most magical place with a select group of extraordinary humans.

What you’ll experience: Connection Nature Peace Growth Presence Your “edge” The release guilt, shame, grief and fear An enhanced sensitivity to others and the natural world More resilience Reduction of anxiety Greater compassion Greater Clarity and Discernment Better boundaries Greater sense of freedom, Enhanced intuition. Deeper connection to your body Deep empowerment

What you’ll learn: How clean up your toxic environment (inside and out) and reclaim sovereignty of your mind, body and soul. Food recipes and practices for healing How to reset your consciousness Powerful meditation techniques used for over 5000 years Tap into your creative and critically thinking mind Tools and techniques to heal trauma Optimize and utilize the most powerful weapon you have; your brain! Gain perspective on disempowering emotions and how to transmute them Unleash your body’s natural regenerative healing power through diet, meditation, nature and movement Tap your source connection and inner compass in order to claim the life you want Strategies for sovereignty as we discuss ways to extract ourselves from the layers of environmental influences that keep us ensnared. Both subtle and overt.

In this retreat we will daily focus on the following: holistic health through diet, meditation, mindfulness practices, movement, breathe control, creative expression and exploration.